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In July, 1997, The Edward Boone Memorial Committee, comprised of Dell (Boone) Ariola, Rochelle Cochran and Russell Ready, was formed for the purpose to restore, preserve and recognize the burial site of Edward Boone. When we first located the old marker (above) that had been placed at this site in the early 1920's by the Children of the American Revolution, under the direction of the Daughters of the American Revolution, it had fallen over and was so covered with mud, the text was not visible. We had to scrape the mud off it with a stick to see the name on the gravestone. Shortly thereafter, the landowner who had recently bought the property reset the old gravestone and cleaned it, as can be seen by the picture above.

The new owners of the property, located one mile east of County Road 537 in Bourbon County, Kentucky gladly gave us permission and also helped to restore the site where Edward and his brother Daniel had stopped to rest their horses on their way back from Blue Licks to their home at Boone's Station on October 6, 1780. While Edward was sitting on a rock beside the creek, the Indians attacked and killed him. Daniel and the other men buried Edward beside the creek, under a buckeye tree.




The gentleman that first told us about the old gravestone is a master stonemason, in the art of the old rock fences built without mortar, the same kind that has lasted for centuries in Europe. He offered to enclose the site with a 12' x 12' rock fence, free of charge. The landowner cleared all the land around the site, restoring it back to the way it looked when Edward and Daniel stopped to rest 220 years ago, as can be seen in the picture above.


Through the donations of many individuals and The Boone Society, enough contributions were donated for the bronze historical marker and a beautiful wrought iron gate, which was dedicated in June, 1998.

By the summer of 2000, the Kentucky Historical Hiway Marker Program had approved our application for a hiway marker on County Road 537, and members of The Boone Society donated the funding for that marker. It was dedicated on April 23, 2001 and is located at the intersection of CR 537 and See Road.


                                              Rochelle (Evans) Cochran   (Wow, what a windy day!!)    Dell (Boone) Ariola


The Edward Boone Memorial Committee worked for over four years to restore, preserve, and recognize the burial site of Edward Boone. We were able to:

(1) restore the original gravestone installed in the 1920's by the Jemima Johnson Chapter, DAR;

(2) protect the grave with a precision-laid rock wall;

(3) raise funds to have a gate made to protect the gravestone;

(4) raise funds to pay for the highway marker installed by the Kentucky State Transportation Department and the Kentucky Historical Society. We are proud that because the Boone Society 'family' members and friends made financial contributions, no tax money was used.                                                                                                                                     


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