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Col. Daniel Boone 1734-1820

William Boon
 20th Cavalry, Hussar's Rgmt.
London, England, 1908
 James Boon - Australia

 Col. Edgar Daniel Boone of  Eng & Miss Carlotta of  Boone's Arena with The Great Animal Show  -  1895 England and New Orleans, LA

     Benjamin Zachariah Boone
Rev. Robert Josiah Boone, MS
    Nancy Saloni Boone, MS
Nathan Boone

                                                         Boone, Boon, de Bohun, La Boon, Bohun, Bohon, Bohn, Bown, Bone


      Y-DNA results can be seen on the Y-DNA Results Page  *this is a large file and may take longer to load

mtDNA results can be viewed at mtDNA Results Page 


There are many different Boon, Boone, de Bohun,  La Boon, Bohun, Bohon, Bohn and Bown families in the United States dating back to at least,  the early 1600's.  They came here from, England, Canada, Barbados, Sweden. France, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Holland, Nova Scotia, and other parts of the world.  Through this project, we've had inquiries from Boon/e's and variant spellings, in Pakistan, Australia, Argentina, England, Belgium, Germany, France and Mexico.

Our goal is to build a database that will enable our families to determine which of the variant-spelled Boon/e lines are related and possibly determine the approximate time they began to branch away.  Y-line DNA testing has recently come onto the genealogy scene.  Y-DNA is passed from father to son only, from generation to generation with little or no change and can be used to prove or disprove lineage back to a Most Recent Common Ancestor, when compared to another "paper genealogy cousin".

Would you like to see if your Y-DNA matches the George or Daniel Boone group?  Or, how about the Thomas Boon-Isle of Wight line and the German line of Johann Diehl   Bohn that we have recently established?  Perhaps one of the lines from Ireland?  We have these and several more that their ancestral homelands are still unidentified.  Perhaps your genealogy research can help identify some of them. 

The Y-DNA test cannot tell you the name of your ancestor, but it can prove or disprove your relation to the ancestral line you have been researching.  It is more accurate at disproving a family line, thereby allowing you to begin your research on another line.

We are very interested in the documented descendants of Swan and Andres Boon from Sweden who settled in the early 1600's on the Delaware River in Delaware County, Pennsylvania;  and Major John Boone of the First Fleet who lived at Boone Hall Plantation near Charleston, South Carolina;   Capt. Boone of John's Island, South Carolina;  and John Boon/e of Talbot County, Maryland, to name just a few.

NOTICE:  We have been contacted by a very generous anonymous donor that is willing to pay all of the expense for the 37 marker Y-DNA test for a Boone surnamed descendant of the Mt. Boone, Devonshire, England family.  This includes the South Carolina "Boone Hall Plantation" Boone family.  The person tested must have a documented descent in census, land, court, military, or family bible records.  The anonymous donor will need to see the documented ancestral line before the money is released for the test.  Please contact Dell Boone Ariola, the administrator of the Boone-DNA Project at  for further information.


Our objective is to match individuals or families who share a common male ancestor with the Boone surname.  Including the variant spellings of Boone, Boon,  La Boon, Bohun, de Bohun, Bohan, Bone et al from England, Ireland, Belgium, France, Germany, Canada, Sweden. Holland, Mexico, Argentina  and elsewhere.

This is an on-going project and qualified participants are invited and encouraged to join.  The testing of Y-DNA from one male of the same-surname family line can be made into a family project and the cost shared my other family members as a group.


You've probably heard about DNA and all the possibilities that are opened because of it.  It is the fastest growing area of genealogical research!  Through DNA testing, it is possible for genealogy researchers to better establish - or disprove - a paternal link between individuals with a common surname.  Fathers pass their Y-chromosomes (DNA) down to their sons with little or no variation, from generation to generation.  Therefore, men with identical, or near identical DNA factors can be genetically proven to be descendants of a common male ancestor.  The Y-DNA test results will not tell you the degree of relationship, only that you do, or do not, share a common ancestor.


Some people may have a tendency to worry about having their DNA available to other people.  This won't and can't happen because the lab we use reports the results as numbers.  These numbers represent the number of "repeats" that are found at a specific location on a DNA strand.  

FamilyTree DNA: The company we use is FamilyTree DNA, the largest genealogical DNA testing in the world and they're located in Houston, Texas. When we first began the Boone-DNA Project 15 years ago, there were just 12 markers that were for males only, available to test Y-DNA.  Today they offer up to 111 markers for the male Y-DNA that is inherited from his biological father;   the mtDNA (mitochondria DNA) that is inherited from the biological mother;   and atDNA (autosomal DNA) for both male and female that is inherited from both biological parents, all four grandparents and all eight great-grandparents, etc.

Y-DNA 37 Information:

For men only.  This tests the Y-chromosome which only males have and is available in the 37 markers and up to the 111 markers test.

Recommended level of Y-DNA tests.

     o   37-marker matches are highly likely to be related within the past 8 generations.*

     o   Provides genealogically relevant matches and recent ancestral origins.

     o   Recommended for confirming a genealogical relationship with another male.

     o   Provides your Haplogroup:  deep ancestral origin of the paternal line.

     o   Store your DNA for free so that you can upgrade the tests in the future.

     o   NO subscription fees.

Your matches and ancestral origins largely depend on how your DNA compares to the FamilyTree DNA database.  With the largest DNA database in the world, you will have the greatest chance of finding close relatives by testing with them.  However, if your paternal line is rare, it is possible you will not have matches or ancestral origins information right away.  As the database is constantly growing, you may have matches over time, and you will receive e-mail notifications about any new matches.

*Estimated for exact 37-marker matches, at a 95% confidence level.


mtDNA Plus Information:

      o   For both men and women 

     o   Mid-level mtDNA test.

     o   Tests both HVR1 + HVR2 (Hypervariable Regions 1 and 2).

     o   Provides ancestral origins.*

     o   Includes HVR1 and HVR2 + HVR2 matches.

     o   HVR1+HVR2 matches are related within the past 28 generations.**

     o   Store your DNA for free so that you can upgrade the tests in the future.

     o   NO subscriptions fees.

The mtDNA (mitochondria DNA) is inherited from the mother by both sons and daughters, but only the daughters can pass it to her children.

* Your matches and ancestral origins depend on how your DNA compares to the FTDNA database.  With the largest DNA database in the world, you have the greatest chance of finding close relatives by testing with FTDNA.  However, if your maternal line is rare, it is possible you will not have matches or ancestral origins information right away.  As the database is constantly growing, you may have matches over time, and you will receive email notifications about any new matches.

** with a 50% confidence interval.


Family Finder Test Information:

     o   For men and women.

     o   Autosomal DNA test.

     o   Matches are related within about the last 5-6 generations.

     o   Provides percentages of your ancestral make-up (Native-American, Middle Eastern (including Jewish), African, West and East European)**

     o   Recommended for genealogists.

     o   Includes matches with predicted relationship ranges.

     o   Great for confirming close relationships regardless of gender.

atDNA (autosomal DNA) is inherited from both parents, all four grandparents, all 8 great-grandparents, all 16 2nd great-grandparents, etc.  With each generation the atDNA is passed down, the amount of DNA inherited is diluted.

*FamilyTree DNA is leading the way in the development of innovative genealogical uses for autosomal DNA.  You will be matched with others who have also taken the Family Finder test.  However, if you come from an under-represented population, it is possible you will not find matches right away.  Your matches largely depend on how your DNA compares to the database.  As the database is constantly growing, you may have matches over time, and you will receive notifications about any new matches.

**Due to the nature of autosomal DNA, the test does not specify from which branch of your family tree that you match, or the percentages of your geographic heritage. Autosomal test results will not be listed on this website, only on your personal account at FamilyTree DNA.



View a video clip of NBC's Today Show  (Nov 18, 2005)  with Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, Ann Curry and Al Roker as Dr. Spencer Wells explains their mtDNA results to them on air.  Click on the bar "Launch", then wait for a short advertisement while the clip is loading; it takes only a few seconds.  The video clip includes an introduction by Bennett Greenspan, president of FamilyTree DNA.


The test involves the painless use of a swab inside a persons cheek.  Multiple control samples are run on each gel, by a computer and manually, to assure that the system is functioning properly.  The testing lab will compare your samples with other samples in their database for comparison to other 'long-lost relatives'.  They will also send notification by e-mail if they find a 'genetic cousin' in their growing database.  Results will be received in a few weeks.  Included in the specimen kit is a Release Form.   The Release Form must be signed and dated so that FamilyTree DNA will have the authority to notify you of matches between yourself and other participants in their database who have also submitted a sample and signed and dated a Release Form.  Each specimen will be given code numbers and tested for the Y-DNA, mtDNA, or  atDNA and will never be used for any other purpose than our Boone-DNA testing project.  Please understand that DNA analysis may show that your surname, based on written genealogical evidence and family legend, may not be biologically related to others in this project.

To learn more about FamilyTree DNA and the owners Bennett Greenspan and Max Blankfeld, click here FTDNA-Bennett and Max


Each participant must send an Application and an Ancestor Chart to the Boone-DNA Project administrator;  both can be downloaded from this site.  The Ancestor Chart should go back as far as is known on your Boon/e line that has been documented and include as many birth and death dates, places and maiden names for the spouses as is known.  It is not necessary to include dates for living persons, only for the deceased.  If you have a printed computer copy of your pedigree, that will be sufficient and appreciated. 

Please email the Application and Ancestor Chart to: 


or mail to:

                                                                                                                                               Dell Boone Ariola
                                                                                                                                           8007 Bay Bend Drive                  
                                                                                                                                     Conroe Texas  77304-1675

 FamilyTree DNA maintains a 'personal page' for each participant that will include your Y and/or mtDNA matches which can be accessed only by the participant.  A printable certificate is also available through each participants 'personal page'.


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